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The good digital presentation

The good digital presentation


08.06.2021 kl. 10.00 - 11.00


In this workshop, we will go through how to make a digital presentation that is pedagogical, remembered by your students and facilitates interaction with students. 

Creating a good digital presentation is partly about the technical setup (platform, sound, light, camera etc.), but the main thing is working with your presentation and communication, so that you can communicate your curriculum expediently.    

In this workshop digital learning consultants Johanne Bräuner Nygaard Hansen and Birgitte Egeskov Jensen, will provide you with:  

  • Tips and tricks for your technical setup.   
  • Methods for enhancing your digital communication.   
  • Information on where to find visual aids for your presentation.   

Please  follow  this  link for  registration. 


Birgitte Egeskov Jensen 
Digital Learning Consultant  | bej@adm.aau.dk 

Johanne Bräuner Nygaard Hansen 

Digital learning Consultant | jbnh@hst.aau.dk  

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