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Network meeting – ReachAAUt

ReachAAUt (Reach Out) is AAU's new research network, which focuses on digital research dissemination. The research network will enable researchers across AAU to inspire and learn from each other, and help with finding and utilizing the existing digital tools and platforms.


11.06.2021 kl. 11.00 - 12.30


The network is primarily aimed at researchers at AAU, who are either already involved in digital dissemination and dissemination with digital tools, or who would like to explore it. Other employees can also participate in the network to the extent that the focus on research dissemination is maintained. The first network meeting will include David Budtz Pedersen's presentation on research communication and scientific impact. Join the network by contacting Dagmar Fallesen by email: Dagmarkf@its.aau.dk or phone 2622 9119.





The Research- and Skills initiative from AAU’s Digital Strategy, and AAU Business School


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