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PhD defence by Rocío Rodríguez Cano


21.01.2021 kl. 12.30 - 15.00


“Integration of mm-Wave Antenna Systems in 5G Mobile Terminals”

The fifth generation of mobile communication (5G) has led to a redesign of the RF front-end, due to the inclusion of the new mm-wave bands in wireless communications. The use of smaller wavelengths makes communications more sensitive to objects and environmental factors. The higher propagation losses are compensated by having antenna systems with larger gains, but the effect from other components when the antenna is integrated into the phone,
requires further consideration.

A component that has a strong impact on the radiation pattern of the mm-wave antennas is the display glass. A transparent structure printed on top of the glass is proposed to reduce the surface waves effects. The results show that the ripples in the radiation pattern are considerably reduced, which increments the maximum gain.

Different methods to cope with the obstruction provoked by the metallic phone chassis to the endfire radiation of mm-wave antennas are also discussed in this thesis. The proposed methods are for a metallic frame since it is the most adverse material for the antenna radiation. It has been shown that the detrimental effect mainly occurs for antennas with horizontal polarization. The three different solutions proposed have been tested with particular mm-wave antenna arrays. However, these methods are not restricted to a certain kind of antenna topology, but they can be applied to any antenna design and phone form factor.

Associate Professor Carles Navarro Manchón, Aalborg University (chairman)
Professor Luc Martens, Ghent University
Senior Lecturer Tim Brown, University of Surrey

Professor Gert Frølund Pedersen, Aalborg University
Associate Professor Shuai Zhang, Aalborg University

Associate Professor Ole Kiel Jensen, Aalborg University

Please send an e-mail no later than Wednesday 20 January, 12:00 to imh(at)es.aau.dk if you wish to participate.


Antennas, Propagation and Millimetre-Wave Systems, Department of Electronic Systems


Online via Microsoft Teams

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20.01.2021 kl. 12.00

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