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PhD Defence by Maria Hvid Dille

PhD Defence by Maria Hvid Dille

Maria Hvid Dille defends the thesis: Becoming in the Middle. Towards a New Materialist Perspective on Middle Management Positions in Education.


04.06.2021 kl. 13.00 - 16.00


About the thesis

This doctoral research explores the complex and challenging processes of becoming in middle management positions within public educational organizations in Denmark. The research elucidates how selected teachers, affected by recent policy reforms, come to perform an informal middle management position by working closely with school management in developing and facilitating certain organizational agendas, such as strengthening the professional development of fellow teachers and ultimately student outcome. The research draws special attention to the work conditions of these middle managers and illuminates the ongoing identity work they perform when aiming to meet the new political and organizational expectations. 

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PhD supervisor:  

Associate Prof. Alice Juel Jacobsen, Aalborg University

Assistant PhD supervisor:

Associate Prof. Mie Plotnikof,Aarhus University
Rasmus Bergmann, University College Copenhagen

PhD committee:

Prof. Dennis Mumby, University of North Carolina
Associate Prof. Justine Pors, Copenhagen Business School
Prof. Peter Kastberg, Aalborg University


The defence takes place online via the following Zoom connection:


Meeting ID: 630 4292 2049
Passcode: 023333

Everybody is welcome to the defence via Zoom!


Department of Communication and Psychology


Online via Zoom

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