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PHD Defence by Ida Marie Bonnevie

New Approaches to Assess Co-location in Maritime Spatial Planning: Developing an Analytical Framework and a Spatial Decision Support Tool to Strengthen Synergies and Minimise Conflicts


08.06.2021 kl. 14.00 - 17.00


Human uses – for example involving fishing, aquaculture, shipping, and tourism – are rapidly expanding their marine presence and scale. The growing activity level increases the need for conflict management in marine areas to minimise negative impacts on specific marine uses and on the health of marine ecosystems. It also causes the need for optimising the use of marine space by co-locating marine uses into synergic multiuse/coexistence in close spatial-temporal proximity, when possible. To cross-sectorally manage and balance the claims for marine space, the EU implemented the Maritime Spatial Planning (MSP) Directive in 2014 which requires all coastal EU countries to optimise coexistence while implementing and regularly updating marine spatial plans for their marine areas. Therefore, the objective of this PhD research – which is part of the BONUS BASMATI project (Baltic Sea MSP for Sustainable Ecosystem Services) – has been to develop new approaches for MSP to facilitate co-location of marine uses.

The thesis builds on four published, peer-reviewed papers and presents the full material for a fifth, not yet submitted paper. The two main contributions are: 1) a stepwise, analytical co-location framework for spatially-temporally concentrating synergic marine uses into coexistence/multi-use while separating conflicting ones and 2) a new spatial decision support tool (DST) called the SEANERGY approach, which is demonstrated through three Baltic Sea implementations that produce conflict-synergy maps and statistics. These two main findings enable MSP planners to better increase synergies at sea, minimise/avoid conflicts, optimise the use of marine space, while considering the health of ecosystems – tasks that will only become increasingly important, as the interactions between marine uses continue to intensify.

Senior Scientist Thomas Klenke | Centre for Environment and Sustainability Research – COAST, Germany
Associate Professor Urška Demšar | University of St Andrews, UK
Professor Carsten Kessler | Department of Planning, AAU, DK

Main supervisor Professor Henning Sten Hansen | Department of Planning, AAU, DK
Co-supervisor Associate Professor Lise Schrøder | Department of Planning, AAU, DK

Professor Jamal Jokar Arsanjani | Department of Planning, AAU, Denmark


Department of Planning


Online via Zoom

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03.06.2021 kl. 16.00

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