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How to Quiz

How to Quiz


09.06.2021 kl. 14.00 - 15.00


Center for Digitally Supported Learning (CDUL) invites all teachers to an online workshop, where participants get inspiration and new perspectives of how quizzes can be used in teachings.  

The workshop will give the participants first-hand experience in how to use:  

  • in-video-quiz  
  • quizzes as icebreakers to engage and motivate students in teaching.  
  • quizzes for evaluation  

The workshop will include a quick introduction to different quiz tools followed up by demos of how to use quizzes to support different learning activities before, during, and after teaching. We will also show how to construct and use the different quiz tools.

Please  follow  this  link fo r registration. 

The workshop will be facilitated by Rune Hagel Skaarup Jensen and Anja Emilie Madsen. 


Rune Hagel Skaarup Jensen  
Digital Learning Consultant 

Anja Emilie Madsen  
Team Leader

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